When Opposing Imperialism, Avoid Conspiracyism

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el 7 Dec 01, a las 1:02, Derrick O'Keefe dijo:

> Anyway, I'm not convinced many on the list are too confused by the 
> Israeli-Palestinian "nightmare".  It's not a matter of just "defending 
> Palestinian anti-Imperialists", it's a matter of defending the Palestinian
> people, of demanding an end to the occupation and exposing the lie of Sharon's
> "war on terrorism".

Foul play, Derrick. Jared is not saying that people on this list and elsewhere 
ignore those elementary issues you raise. You are trying to change the course 
of his indictment. What he says is that "because of imperialist oppression of 
Palestinians and the Arab world in general, people tend to assume that anything 
that comes out from the Arab world is, somehow, anti-imperialist: namely, 
Islamicist sectarians working for the break-up of Yugoslavia and elsewhere".

That is, what he is saying is that people who think to be aware of the plight 
of the Arabs under the imperialist yoke also believe to be worthy of praise for 
a blanket approval of whatever kind of "Arab" movement. Funnily enough, by the 
way, Balkan Islamicists have nothing to do with Arabs, and what's more, most of 
them come down from a decission to establish a good relation with the Ottoman 
(both anti-Slav and anti-Arab) Empire during the last five centuries.

I am not blaming Balkan Muslims at all for their religious faith. But while I 
am a strong supporter (not only in words, by the way) of the Palestinians 
against Israel, I am also -and for the same reasons- a strong supporter of the 
only Balkan nationality whose future is linked with the reconstruction of a 
unified Yugoslavia (in my own views, enlarged to the whole Balkans) against the 
"oppressed" Islamicists who were so important in breaking Yugoslavia into 

This nationality is the Serbs, and your portrayal of their desperate struggle 
against imperialism and domestic Quislings for the unity of the Yugoslav state 
as a wave of "chauvinism" only shows that you don't even know who M. Chauvin 
was, not to speak of the Marxist theory on the national question.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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