Our charges on 9-11 are based on facts and reasoning, not mere speculation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 7 07:04:49 MST 2001

Jared Israel:
>Our work is meticulously documented.  Either we are right about the facts,
>and they are guilty, or somebody should show where we are wrong.
>Interestingly nobody - not a soul - has shown where we are wrong.  But lots
>of people in the military and FAA have confirmed what we're saying.  Stan,
>I read you right, you're taken aback that we have gone beyond saying "all
>this is speculative." Well, we have presented hard facts.

The problem, Jared, is that you are trying to relate to Marxists here, not
the unschooled citizen. It is not the "facts" that trouble us, as much as
your inability to understand history from the standpoint of historical
materialism. 9/11 and its aftermath involves questions of interpretation.
How do we explain Islamic radicalism? Carlos Rebello, who in my opinion is
one of the most important Marxist thinkers in contemporary Brazil,
attempted to sketch out an analysis yesterday. I have dug into Victorian
era history to come up with analogies. Your problem is that you either you
have lost the ability to think in Marxist terms, or are so used to the
"debunking" mode of TENC, that dialog with you is nearly impossible. I
simply cannot permit this list to get bogged down into arcane discussions
about what the procedures were in or not in place at NORAD. It is a
diversion from the tasks this mailing list was chartered to address. It
would be the same thing as debating the Kennedy assassination. There is a
newsgroup called alt.conspiracy that is more appropriate for those type
discussions. For us, the critical questions are the nature of Islamic
radicalism, the trajectory of US imperialism, the goals of the Putin
regime, etc. Let's stay on focus.

Louis Proyect
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