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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 7 07:18:32 MST 2001

Apparently, my expulsion from the Socialist Register mailing list has
generated some controversy. These are comments made to the editors by a
York University student where some of these editors, including Panitch,
roost. This not only takes guts, it is a hopeful sign of the renewal of a
revolutionary spirit in the student body. The only thing I would say,
however, is that Mac Stainsby never really baited me. He flamed me and I
flamed him back. But his flames were a defense of his ideas. In contrast,
Deadwood's provocations were attempts to avoid debate, something that he
has in common with Panitch and company.

The Student:
"Is this a sophisticated form of ass licking or a genuine position on your
part.  Henwood and Stainsby bait this guy whenever they can and most of
time in ways we are not privy to.  His tenor is earned if not ill
positioned on the SR.  Did you or did you not agree with Henwood's support
of this war???????"

"George, fair enough.  I would not want to be in the same position.  So
here it is straight.  I think it is utter bullshit that Louis was asked to
leave the SR-LS.  As you said to me he is one of our own. Cantankerous,
Curmudgeon, sure all that and more.  But his positive contributions more
than outweigh his sporadic outbursts.  And as you have said to me, they are
always provoked.  So when you ask Henwood and Stainsby to leave, or you
invite Louis back, then be sure invite me back to the SR-LS."

Louis Proyect
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