When Opposing Imperialism, Avoid Conspiracyism

Derrick O'Keefe sankara83 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 7 08:54:32 MST 2001

Funnily enough, by the
>way, Balkan Islamicists have nothing to do with Arabs, and what's more,
>most of
>them come down from a decission to establish a good relation with the
>(both anti-Slav and anti-Arab) Empire during the last five centuries.

Wow, that is funny.  Quite a little scholarly history of Balkan muslims.

>I am not blaming Balkan Muslims at all for their religious faith. But while
>am a strong supporter (not only in words, by the way) of the Palestinians

>against Israel, I am also -and for the same reasons- a strong supporter of
>only Balkan nationality whose future is linked with the reconstruction of a
>unified Yugoslavia (in my own views, enlarged to the whole Balkans) against
>"oppressed" Islamicists who were so important in breaking Yugoslavia into
>This nationality is the Serbs, and your portrayal of their desperate
>against imperialism and domestic Quislings for the unity of the Yugoslav
>as a wave of "chauvinism" only shows that you don't even know who M.
>was, not to speak of the Marxist theory on the national question.

Well, I guess you've exposed my ignorance, as I don't know M. Chauvin, which
I suppose prevents me from knowing the meaning of chauvinism.  This is a
strange formulation.  You're a strong supporter of the Serb nationality
because they're the only one in the region whose "future is linked" to a
reunited, expanded Balkans.  I would think a reunited Yugoslavia is going to
involve more than one nationality, and is going to require revolutionary
upsurges in the region rather than the heroism of some leading nationality.
OK, I can't quote verbatim from all the classics, but I seem to recall
something about a "voluntary federation" of soviet states.

Derrick O'Keefe

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