FW: Louis Proyect and the Register Dicscussion List

Mark Jones mark.jones at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Dec 7 11:43:17 MST 2001

At 07/12/2001 16:57, Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:
>Several people, including myself, have asked for Proyect's reinstatement.
>What follows is the response.
>From: Leo Panitch <leo.panitch at SYMPATICO.CA> [...]
>Finally, we would like to remind members that almost a year ago
>(Jan 4, 2001) Louis Proyect called for the SR list owners to
>remove Michael Pugliesi, with whom he had been trading insults,
>from the list. Proyect wrote at that time:  "My suggestion is to
>either take control of the list and start suspending or expelling
>people who do not respect its charter, or else shut it down.
>...if you don't set the tone for the mailing list, you are going
>to end up with stupid flame wars which do not do justice to the
>highly prestigious effort launched by Ralph Miliband some years
>Our decision is clearly in conformity with this.
>Leo and Colin

Isn't a sad comment on the depths the left has sunk to, that the current
editors of SR are incapable of making a political distinction between
Pugliese and Proyect, and instead merely assimilate them to a disgustingly
bourgeois liberal notion of 'fair play', 'parliamentary procedure' and the
like?  Actually, SR was never much good even in the old days when Martin
Eve at Merlin Press used to do it, altho at least Eve used to publish
things like Ralph Miliband's classic 'Parliamentary Socialism', which was a
devastating critique of precisely the Panitch/Leys variety of scoolmasterly
petiti-bourgeois 'socialism'. It comes as no surprise that Panitch has not
uttered a syllable about the Afghan war. Henry Liu is right: give me good
old gung-ho, honestly black-hearted imperialists every time. Better ten
Richard Perles than one Leo Panitch.


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