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Travis Fast tfast at yorku.ca
Fri Dec 7 20:54:49 MST 2001

Mark wrote:

>That kind of thinking is what got the Left where it is, in the first
>place. Presumably the "dogmatic platitudes" Panitch is trying to free
>"young would be socialists" of, is the kind of thinking which says that
>this programme is utopian and platitudinous, and very obviously so.
>"socialist renewal"... "democratic reconstitution of state
>power against today's state-constituted capitalist American empire" (!)
>... "the New Politics
>Initiative and the Rebuilding The Left projects"... "an independent
>socialist Canada".  Now *that's* what I call a concatenation of bullshit.

Do you even know what any of these  are or are just repeating them as
though that will bestow a dogmatic edge to them.  Take the Rebuilding the
Left (RTL), you seem so contemptuous of for example.  It is not a
parliamentary initiative, rather it is an attempt to ground socialist ideas
and practices within actually existing communities.  What this means is
that there are attempts to establish public shops where members of the
community can get legal advice and help for dealing with government agents,
landlords etc.  The RTL is also looking at ways to work with and link up
local labour councils and different community groups.  The idea is help
facilitate the creation of a real political community within the
communities we all work and live in.  If all this is to utopian for you
then so be it.

Please do share your ideas with the rest of us.  What do you think is the
best way to approach the decay of the left?

In solidarity,


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