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Fri Dec 7 22:22:52 MST 2001

> Mark wrote:
>> That kind of thinking is what got the Left where it is, in the first
>> place. Presumably the "dogmatic platitudes" Panitch is trying to free
>> "young would be socialists" of, is the kind of thinking which says that
>> this programme is utopian and platitudinous, and very obviously so.
>> "socialist renewal"... "democratic reconstitution of state
>> power against today's state-constituted capitalist American empire" (!)
>> ... "the New Politics
>> Initiative and the Rebuilding The Left projects"... "an independent
>> socialist Canada".  Now *that's* what I call a concatenation of bullshit.

I don't know about Panitch but neither Rebuilding the Left (which is
extra-parliamentary and rather shuns electoralism) nor the New Politics
Initiative (which tries to combine activism and electoralism) talk of "an
independent Socialist Canada". That sort of talk went out with the Waffle in
the mid 1970s and few serious people on the Canadian Marxist milieu speak of
Canada as an oppressed state.


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