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Mark Jones mark.jones at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Dec 8 03:15:48 MST 2001

At 08/12/2001 05:22, Xxxx wrote:

>I don't know about Panitch but neither Rebuilding the Left (which is
>extra-parliamentary and rather shuns electoralism) nor the New Politics
>Initiative (which tries to combine activism and electoralism) talk of "an
>independent Socialist Canada". That sort of talk went out with the Waffle in
>the mid 1970s and few serious people on the Canadian Marxist milieu speak of
>Canada as an oppressed state.

Look I'm glad that Panitch came out against the war. He's not the only
concerned social democrat to do so and his denunciations of US imperialism
ring a little hollow since they are uttered in the same breath as vacuous
twaddle about democrtatic renewal of the US state (!). If  Rebuilding the
Left is a revolutionary and non-sectarian socialist current, then I'm all
for it. If not then it too is bullshit.


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