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Mark Jones mark.jones at
Sat Dec 8 07:00:01 MST 2001

At 08/12/2001 12:30, Gary wrote:
>At 10:11  8/12/01 +0000, Mark wrote:
>>The Wall St/dollar Ponzi scheme has managed to reinject the bubble with
>>some new gas. Why this is happening and what the reasons for it are and
>>what the outcome will be, are important things to understand.
>forgive me if you have written on this and I have missed the post, but I
>would very much like to hear more.

Gary you know that you and I are Lou's most devoted fans, however I did set
up another list, the A-List (good title, huh?) where we discuss this kind
of stuff. You're very wlecome there, and you can browse the msg archive at:

These lists are complementary IMO. There is no substitute for the Marxism
list and I hope, nothing quite like the A-List. Right now we are deep into
the question of the money-form and plan to get deeper.

BTW, Xxxxxx (I know you're out there), your last posts to pen-l on
cost-price v. prices of production, were wrong.
You assumed away what you were supposed to be proving, namely the impact or
not of (relative) national autarky on the differential rate of exploitation.


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