Leo Panitch on 9/11

sherrynstan at igc.org sherrynstan at igc.org
Sat Dec 8 08:56:06 MST 2001

<snip>Are you from Mars?

Henry C.K. Liu<snip>

No, I'm from North Carolina.  You have completely distorted what I said, you have conflated "popular education", and organizng technique with something totally unrelated, and in response to my genuine attempt to engage in this conversation, you have substituted your platitudes for the concrete realities that I experience organizing here every day.

But my real issue right now is that people I have reposted widely, and for whom I have a great deal of respect (intellectually), seem to all think they are Lenin incarnate, and respond to real questions and issues not as comrades, but with insults and invective.

Please unsubscribe me.  I'm very busy, and thought I could learn something here.  I have.  I can find disrespect anywhere, and don't need to seek it out among the macho left intelligentisia.


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