FW: Louis Proyect and the Register Dicscussion List

Travis Fast tfast at yorku.ca
Sat Dec 8 13:13:47 MST 2001

Paul wrote:
>The postings on this thread show that with every new war that the USA
>and its lackeys (like Britain) launch, another lot of clapped-out
>radicals say 'well this one is different', and end up supporting
>it. The Gulf War saw formerly staunch anti-war people back Bush Sr,
>the imperialist interventions in Yugoslavia saw another lot join in,
>just like Bush Jr's attack on Afghanistan. The imperialists, not being
>daft, play up the concerns of radicals in order to recruit them to
>their bandwagon.

Look no one here disagrees with this.  The question is wether or not the SR
editorial board supports this war implicitly or explicitly.  I challenge
any of you to send Panitch, Leys, or Cominel an email where you
systematically list these charges with supporting evidence.  Everything I
have seen suggests that there is none.  So instead we get clap trap from
you guys about their proclivity for bullshit language, which I am sure they
are guilty of at times, or their sloppy, unconsidered, dogmatic utopian
platitudes, which, again, I am sure they have all employed at times, but,
none, none of these will get you to a conclusion that they implicitly or
explicitly can be shown to support this War.

So knock it off and go find some real social democrats to piss on.


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