Who's to blame for insistent technical debate on 9-11?

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En relación a Re: Our charges on 9-11 are based on facts and re, 
el 7 Dec 01, a las 9:04, Louis Proyect dijo:

> For us, the critical questions are the nature of Islamic
> radicalism, the trajectory of US imperialism, the goals of the Putin
> regime, etc. 

First of all: I have been so busy these weeks that I may have deleted Carlos 
Rebello's piece mentioned by Lou. Could someone forward it to me?

Second: As everyone on this and other lists knows, I am not particularly 
interested in determining whether the US Establishment actually _did_ provoke 
the 9-11 attack in a more direct sense than by generating retaliatory anger in 
the Arab and Islamic world. Most of us Argentineans are aware that _they_ 
generate the conditions for these things to happen, and a good deal of us (me 
included) consider the ruling classes in America criminal enough to _promote_ 
such an unspeakable crime as the Twin Towers one, not to speak of _allowing_ it 
to take place. So that, politically, we don't need to debate whether "the 
trajectory of US imperialism", as Lou Project so aptly put it, has taken the 
American imperialist establishment to promote, accept, or keep a closed eye, on 
an attack at the core of Manhattan or Washington. 

We all tend to believe that "if they feel they need to do it, they will". They 
promoted more terrible things elsewhere, didn't they? 

So that as an Argentinean Marxist politician I don't care too much as to who 
_did_ it. In the same sense (and it is good that Lou Proyect raised the point 
here) I don't care too much on whether the murder of John Kennedy, that of 
Martin Luther King, that of Rob Kennedy and that of Malcolm X were all prepared 
by a task group deep in the Pentagon or not. We all here are convinced that 
they may _well have been_, if the American Imperialist Bourgeoisie had needed 
to do it. We don't need more.

I feel, however, that it is important to bring _the American people_ to 
awareness that imperialism is not only the cause of tremendous pain and 
bloodshed in the Third World, that it is also a criminal system which will not 
be able to keep the Americans safe from "one, two, a hundred WTCs" if it 
arrives at the conclusion that this is the only way to generate a mass hysteria 
which can serve the goals of global domination that the American bourgeoisie is 

In this sense, when Jared Israel offers evidence that supports his point of 
view (namely, that it was the American Establishment who prepared 9-11) he is 
trying to plant a seed of doubt as to the official information which flows down 
from the top.  Maybe he is wrong (though his evidence has not been succesfully 
challenged as yet), but what matters is that he is proposing, IMHO, a serious 
debate: the debate over how far can the American bourgeoisie go in order to 
establish massive acceptance of their global goals WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

I sometimes have a faint impression, when reading the lists these last months 
(granted, I am scanning them swiftly and carelessly, I am too short of time), 
that comrades in the United States have a tendency to turn aside when the 
question comes "why don't you think they WOULD DARE DO IT? Are they so 
different from the German bourgeoisie in the early 1930s?". 

Maybe I am wrong (and I write this in full consciousness that if it is 
difficult to understand one's own society, it is still more difficult to 
understand another one.), but I can't keep but feeling that a good first step 
might be to just accept the possibility that the factual evidence or 
circumstantial evidence that Jared Israel is rubbing under our noses so 
insistently may be the consequence of the kind of opposition that his positions 
have encountered.

If you say "they did it" and you encounter a lot of answers on the "don't be so 
conspirationalist, please" answers, then what can you do short of "look, I have 
this evidence". The problem, however, lies in that the presentation of evidence 
does not preclude the basic debate, which is "is the American bourgeoisie 
capable of producing a 9-11 intentionally?" The blame, IMHO, is not on the one 
who has been forced to produce evidence by a probably facile though reassuring 
dismissal of a positive answer to the question. The blame is on those who, 
certainly not out of a conscious will but this is the way it looks from Buenos 
Aires anyway, prefer not to seriously tackle that question.

It is relatively easy to say "the American bourgeoisie can foster a wave of 
fascism in the United States". It is much more delicate to say "perhaps the 
American bourgeoisie has already started to foster that wave by allowing a 
criminal attack to be produced in the very heart of NYC".

I would call the attention of all my American friends on this list to this last 
point. It is not a matter that, IMHO, should not be debated on Marxmail, and I 
feel that in fact it is almost a matter of life and death for American Marxist 
politicians today.

Of course, Lou Proyect and not humbly yours sets the guidelines of debate in 
Marxmail. I felt it necessary, however, to propose this general issue to 

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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