When Opposing Imperialism, Avoid Conspiracyism

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> You're a strong supporter of the Serb nationality 
> because they're the only one in the region whose "future is linked" to a 
> reunited, expanded Balkans.  I would think a reunited Yugoslavia is going to
> involve more than one nationality, and is going to require revolutionary
> upsurges in the region rather than the heroism of some leading nationality.  

You're dodging the issue. Of course a Balkan Federation implies more than a 
single nationality (if this were not so, then there would be no need for such a 
federal arrangement). Of course it will require revolutionary upsurges. Of 
course it will be an issue of voluntary reunification.

But at the same time it is also true that while Slovenians and Croatians, left 
to their own small nationalisms, are disruptive of any federation and tend to 
orbit around Germany or Austria, and while Albanians always rely on some 
external support against their "encroaching" neighbours, and Islamic Slavs were 
_created into_ a nationality by CIA (there was no more Islamic Slav nationality 
in Yugoslavia prior to the late 1980s than there is an American Presbyterian 
nationality today), while all this happened the Serbs required, for their own 
interests, to unify Yugoslavia. That is, they were the _objective_ torchbearers 
of revolutionary unification against foreign intervention. It is not a matter 
of heroism, it is a matter of common sense. As our General San Martín said 
once, "one is what one has to be, or one is nothing at all".

By speaking about all those pure and nice principles, you are rubbing away the 
hard fact that the whole struggle of the Serbs was for keeping Yugoslavia 

The only other nationality in the Balkans that should work together with the 
Serbs in this sense are the Bulgarians, and it is not a matter of chance that 
both Bulgarians and Serbs have been targeted by imperialism. While the first 
ones were turned into a hypo-colonial status (Sun Yat Sen), the latter have 
been gifted with 80 days of merciless bombing, massively displaced, and accused 
of the crimes of which they were the victims before an election held under the 
"protection" of the American fleet carried Serbian Quislings to power.

So that, no matter how many things you say, the fact still remains that it was 
basically the Serbs who defended the unity of Yugoslavia. This is something 
that should make you ponder on your swift conclusions.

Mr. Chauvin was a highly patriotic, militaristic, Frenchman.

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