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Comrade, I think your overreaching.

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From: "Louis Proyect" <lnp3 at panix.com>
> Okay, let's take the RTL. They invited Jaddi Singh to be a keynote
> speaker at their last conference. This exposes a problem that exists
> across the board on the Canadian left: adaptation to ultraleft moods
> in the "anti-globalization" movement. David McNally, another
> intellectual leftist in the SR orbit, has been pandering to this
> current in the most shameful manner.

Hey cde Louis, for what it's worth, I was in Toronto on that
North-South-Solidarity conference panel with Jaggi, and I thought his
anti-racism rap was right on time, because it raised profound strategic
problems associated with the kinds of US alliances that Public Citizen had
made, which Canadian leftists weren't aware of. And I thought McNally's
summing up of the conference, based on ideas in the new book by James Petras
and Henry Veltmayer, was excellent.

> Without denying the need to rebuild the left, we must say that
> particular "Rebuilding the Left" in question is a far too amorphous
> project. It seems to be a sort of Rorshach test for the left in which
> various participants project their own hopes and ideals. For Sam
> Gindin, it is an attempt to put pressure on the NDP to reform itself.

That's not the impression I had from an afternoon chatting. I don't think he
has any investment at all there. He's been one of the key comrades trying to
link the best in the Canadian labour movement to the kids in the streets.

> the task in Canada
> is the same as it is in the USA: the construction of Marxist parties
> based on the working class. This cannot be done by drafting up some
> "program" by a dozen or so people and recruiting people to it one by
> one.

Right, so the task for those other comrades not building the perfect marxist
party is, I'd agree with Sam and lots of RTL comrades, to establish a
structured movement.

> For us, co-optation rather than
> death squads are the main obstacle. Its victims are strewn across the
> landscape.

Yeah, I think the RTL people know that, and part of what works in that
setting is maintaining a strong ideological position, a lowest-common
denominator of anti-imperialist leftists who are mainly all involved in
movement work. At least that's the very positive impression I was left with,
after a fortnight with the Toronto comrades in July...

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