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Mark Jones mark.jones at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Dec 9 03:34:52 MST 2001

At 09/12/2001 05:33, Patrick wrote:
>Right, so the task for those other comrades not building the perfect marxist
>party is, I'd agree with Sam and lots of RTL comrades, to establish a
>structured movement.

These are not mutually exclusive things! And until you take a step in that
direction, you can never get connected-up mass politics, you will always be
stuck at 'movement' level and will always articulate your actions
defensively, refletcively and, as with antiglobalisation, always against
the iconic tokens of power, the nameplates of power, and not power itself.
The problem has never been the IMF, World Bank etc but the people who own
them. When I put it this way, I can almost write your reply, we've been
here so many times before: you don't want to enter a sectarian wilderness,
'vanguard-builders' are pythonesque clowns who need psychiatric help etc
etc. But it's not a questions of building a *sect*, is it?

You know, despite all the stuff of yours I've read, and I am an attentive
and grateful reader of yours, but I still have no clear idea what your
political goals are, I cannot put them into one clear and straight
sentence. What, in one sentence, is your understanding of the state? What
is the task of the party? What is the historical task of the working class?
Is the working class the hegemonic class of the future, or have you
abandoned that idea? Is there any way to get rid of capitalism without a
revolution? If yes, then what? If not, then what's your idea of making a

Sorry if this is sounding inquisitorial, it's meant in a  friendly way,
Pat, you know that.

>Yeah, I think the RTL people know that, and part of what works in that
>setting is maintaining a strong ideological position, a lowest-common
>denominator of anti-imperialist leftists who are mainly all involved in
>movement work. At least that's the very positive impression I was left with,
>after a fortnight with the Toronto comrades in July...

How is "a strong ideological position" commensurable with "a lowest-common
denominator of anti-imperialist leftists", or am I just parsing this wrongly?

best wishes as ever and keep up the good work, Pat.

Mark Jones

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