double standard: Re: Leo Panitch on 9/11

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> merely asserting that someone is dogmatic doesn't get us very far. A
> productive contribution would be a logical reasoned defence of Panitch's
> conception of 'democratic renewal' for example; if you can't or won't do
> this yourself perhpas you can get Leo Panitch himself to do it on an open

> forum like this is. Or is the net just too plebeian for professorial
> social-democrats to risk?
> Mark

himm.. don't criticize Leo Panitch. he is the God!

Jim Devine went too nuts when his ideas were challenged on pen-l over the
issue of Afghanistan. it was as if he was going through hysteria.

why are most of the profs on an ego trip, I wonder? is it because of
complexity inferiority:-))

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