Upping the Stakes in Israel

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Dec 8 13:32:52 MST 2001

Well Paul,

I was arguing this line exactly with my good friend Jim McIlroy of the DSP
just yesterday.  I have maintained as you do that Sharon sees a window of
opportunity to apply a final solution to the Palestinian problem and to
expand Israel's borders into "Judaea and Sumaria". Massacres and expulsions
of Palestinians are his preferred method.

Jim argues that Sharon may want to do this but he cannot.

What would stop Sharon?  The answer is of course that he must get the green
light from Washington.  Wolfowitz and Perles would give it to him now.  But
Bush vacillates between the outright mad thugs like Wolfowitz and the
moderate thugs like Powell.

What is holding back Powell is the fear that they will lose Cairo and
Medina if they allow Sharon to wipe out Palestine.  That presents no
problem to Wolfowitz.  He would simply "end"
Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well.

So we are at a remarkable juncture. It is as if Franco is in control of the
world's most powerful nation. The "declining hegemon" is going to continue
to show its fangs in a very brutal way.  The question is when will the
opposition begin.  I am still convinced that what we are watching is a
defeat for the Arab right. No one has commented on this but I say that the
defeat of Al Qa'ida is a blow to the collaborationist leadership in the
Arab world. I argue this because Al Qa'ida is not in true opposition to
that leadership.  Indeed elements of the Saud family have been and probably
still are heavily involved with Osama Bin Laden.

So America is winning everything at present.  But the dialectic never dies
and they will pay a heavy price eventually.



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