double standard: Re: Leo Panitch on 9/11

Travis Fast tfast at
Sun Dec 9 14:36:32 MST 2001

At 11:33 AM 09/12/01 -0500,  Mark wrote:
merely asserting that someone is dogmatic doesn't get us very far. A
productive contribution would be a logical reasoned defence of Panitch's
conception of 'democratic renewal' for example; if you can't or won't do
this yourself perhpas you can get Leo Panitch himself to do it on an open
forum like this is. Or is the net just too plebeian for professorial
social-democrats to risk?

Look, this is just a conjuring act.  I systematically went through Henry's
post and clearly explained what was problematic (dogmatic) about it.  The
assertion of dogma is based on that foundation.  Now Mark in your response
you simply dogged all the criticisms I raised of Henry and merely asserted
the rectitude of his dogma not once pausing to accept that there was any
legitimacy to the arguments made therein.  That being said, I could care
less about debating Mark over the brilliance or dullness of the horizons of
Henry's universe.  So Mark have the last word for I shall not scribble
another on the matter.

On the issue of Panitch:  I am glad Mine thinks he is a god...I do not,
but, then, I have spent time in his prayer room.  That being said...I have
never found Leo resistant to a well articulated critique.  In fact, I
recall delivering a 47 page critique that covered 20 years of the man's
published work on Canadian economic development and the state.  There is
much to be disagreed with in Leo's work and much that would be useful to
have him clarify.  I am sure if you asked an honest question or made a
tight critique you would get some response.   Mark if you really care what
Panitch is  referring to by the phrase "democratic renewal" take a look at
the critique he and Greg Albo  made of democratic administration in
Canada.  There is perhaps much to take issue with.

I tire of all these issues: Proyect, knows that I resigned from the SR-LS
in protest over his removal.  Until Leo puts me on the payroll people here
should not assume that I am a willing apologist for the man in this forum.

Mine, I will clean up my language.



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