double standard: Re: Leo Panitch on 9/11

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Sun Dec 9 14:07:54 MST 2001

> I tire of all these issues: Proyect, knows that I resigned from the SR-LS

> in protest over his removal.  Until Leo puts me on the payroll people
> should not assume that I am a willing apologist for the man in this
> Xxxx, I will clean up my language.
> Ciao,
> Travis

Sorry, I really did not know that you "resigned" from the SR-LS in protest
over Lou's removal. Thanks for bringing this to our attention since I
completely missed it. Now this deserves some acknowledgment on my part.

(as regards to language, people know I curse a lot. I have become a very
decent girl nowadays. just kidding:-)))

bye, Xxxx

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