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>That's Lou, the spin-master's, neuterization of
>lenin.  Of course, every  polemic has a time and

Actually, Lenin said--not five years after the publication of "What
is to be Done"--that it was outdated.

>that NOBODY in the world can trust them.  This
>question has penetrated every strata of our

I don't care about what is penetrating "our society". Our society
thinks that you go to heaven or hell after you die. The Marxism list
is a place devoted to historical materialism, not what the ordinary
citizen believes.

>did it? And when I said: "why didn't the planes
>intercept as  they always do?" he said: "That is
>what everyone here is asking."

Unfortunately, Yugoslavia is rather underdeveloped in Marxist
thinking nowadays. The fact that an airport cop was intrigued by your
conspiracy theory is not worth commenting on really.

>But this list should not discuss this.  It
>should discuss silly Lou's  expulsion from some
>silly list.  THAT is the burning question.  What
>a bunch  of bs.

Your problem is that you don't know or care about the issues being
discussed in Marxist journals, either in the academy or in the
organized left. You are solely interested in the sorts of questions
that keep people running the Zapruder film over and over again. In
this case, it is not about the hilly knoll but whether the hijacked
planes *really* could have been intercepted or not. Ultimately, it is
not about ideas that will help us understand American society, the
class struggle, how to build a revolutionary party, the economy,
imperialism, etc. It is a conversation-stopper in fact. When I read
your longwinded, breathless attempts to "prove" that 9/11 was a CIA
plot, my eyes begin to glaze over. You might want to think about
whether you belong here or not, Jared. This list is devoted to
Marxist theory, not conspiracy theory.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 12/09/2001

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