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> > That's Lou, the spin-master's, neuterization of lenin..
> > But this list should not discuss this.  It should discuss silly Lou's 
> > expulsion from some silly list.  THAT is the burning question.  What a
> bunch 
> > of bs.
> > 
> > Jared 
> hey, i love when lou and jared flame each other over conspiracy. himmm...
> where is Nestor to defend Jared???

Nestor will not defend sarcasm.  Sarcasm must be used on each one's whole 

What I defend is openness of mind as regards the whole issue of 9-11. Like it 
or not, Jared has -IMHO- a strong case. And _if_ he is right, then the 
political climate in the country you boys and girls are living in is quite 
worse off than you might imagine. My actual concern is not Jared, in the end, 
but _the possibility that his view on the American ruling class is the right 

My first reaction after 911 was "Well, this looks like a monster Reichstag 
fire". That I was right (objectively, not necessarily subjectively) at that 
moment is something I suppose will not be challenged now, all events 

Jared went a step ahead, and he tells us "it was more than an _objective_ 
Reichstag fire, it was a Reichstag fire even in the details".

As I have tiresomely repeated once and again, here in Argentina I don't need to 
make sure whether the American establishment staged a Reichstag fire or not. 
Argentineans know that it may well have been (BTW: that is precisely why the 
press is so rigged here behind the American official version). 

But Americans certainly need to clarify the issue, and urgently!  That is why I 
"defend Jared": he is a lonesome rider here, but this rider may well have his 
gun loaded with silver bullets. It would be silly to disparage those bullets. 
They may well be essential.

BTW: I did not say a word on Lou's expulsion not because I was not outraged, 
but because I felt I had little to add to what was said. On Jared's case, as 
you know, mine is a quite solitary position on these lists... It _does_ make a 

Hopelessly expecting to throw some oil on turbulent waters, hugs to all,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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