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December 10, 2001

1. December's legal rights and organizing question: "Last month, our
local president removed two members from the union's general meeting.
Then he filed union disciplinary charges against them, accusing them
of disrupting the union meetings and violating a section of the local
by-laws that bans 'indecorous, invective speech'." Check out our
answer, send us your comments, and ask your own question! See

2. Set up an AUD workshop or event in your area: a new page full of
information on the workshops we offer and how to put them to use.
Find a list of sample topics, endorsements, and a guide to organizing
an event. Help us pass the word about AUD's great education work! See

3. New Links:  Radio Free Facts and SAG Activist for members of the
Screen Actors Guild. See

4. Articles from the latest Union Democracy Review: an exclusive
piece for AUD by labor writer Ken Crowe on Ron Carey's Vindication,
and Carl Biers on the Reformers Victory in the NE Carpenters. See

5. Articles on women firefighters: "Looking for a Fire Department
that looks like New York," by AUD's Jane Latour, and "Women
firefighters struggle for first rung," by Seth Stern. See's/wphome.htm

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