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This grossly overestimates the "freedom" provided by bourgeois
democracy. U.S. slavery flourished under bourgeois democracy. The
genocide of the Indians flourished under bourgeois democracy. The reign
of terror following the Haymarket riots flourished under bourgeois
democracy. The Palmer raids flourished under bourgeois democracy. Lynch
Law flourished in the south under bourgeois democracy. Wife rape was
permitted until very recently by bourgeois democracyl Wife beating has
flourished even to the present under bourgeois democracy.

Why would the capitalist class opt for fascism when bourgeois democracy
is so much more efficient as a repressive force except under very
special conditions. The attack on civil liberties by the Bush
administration is NOT a move toward fascism but the simple exercise of
state powers always available in bourgeois democracy.

Most uses of the term "fascist" by most leftists reveal an extreme
naivete in reference to power of repression and oppression of even the
most liberal bourgeois democracy.


CB: It is important to point out the limits of "freedom" in a bourgeois democratic republic, as Carrol consistently does on this issue.

But taken to an extreme, the question arises, if a bourgeois democratic regime is so efficient, why do the bourgeois ever "go" to fascism, as they did   in the 20's and 30's.

The definitional element of "open terrorist rule" for fascism implies "veiled terrorist rule" is the norm.  It doesn't seem wise to ignore that the history of capitalism has qualitative shifts in levels of the repression of the repressive apparatus which is the state.  I don't see it as worthwhile for Marxists to say to people, "it can't get worse than it is already".

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