Ecologism (and Brussels)

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Mon Dec 10 17:29:23 MST 2001

The roots of ecofascist ideology can be traced as far back as the book of
Genesis 1:28, 2:15, and the Noahic Covenant in Chapter 9. Three themes -
stewarship of the land, dominion of the land, and supernatural grace
manifest in pastoral harmony - were later developed by the European feudal
lords as justification for their land tenure. The quintessential
spokesperson for the land stewardship voice is Prince Charles,
Heir-Apparent of the throne of Britain. His mom has a website somewhere.

The doctrine of "blood and soil" can be traced back to Herculean earth
magic. If you do a web search on this phrase, you will find about 200

The whole notion of "identifying with the land" is, of course, sheer

Joan Cameron

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