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> But taken to an extreme, the question arises, if a bourgeois democratic regime
> is so efficient, why do the bourgeois ever "go" to fascism, as they did   in the
> 20's and 30's.

A team of American economists, in a book called _The political economy of 
waste_, put it simply: since imperialist nations must agree on the right of 
monopolists to enjoy a protected and special system of higher rate of profit, 
corporatism is the only way ahead. Corporatism establishes formal unequality in 
front of the law as the rule, in a society whose foundation is formal equality 
in front of the law.

Once the communist danger was curbed, the core state structures of the advanced 
countries were much like those in pre WWII Germany or Italy. Our German 
comrades can tell us more than a single history of continuity (not to speak of 
Jared Israel's insistence in that a good fraction of the Nazi intelligence 
community was co-opted into the CIA), and in Italy it is very interesting to 
realize that most of the material structures of post-WWII state were founded in 
the Fascist period (Cinecittá included...)

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