Fidel in Venezuela; Chávez calls for revolutionary counterattack on bosses.

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Tue Dec 11 07:31:45 MST 2001

    Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez welcomed his Cuban counterpart Fidel
Castro on Margarita Island for a Caribbean summit monday overnight Tuesday,
only hour after the conclusion of a 12-hour lockout by the majority of the
3,000 members of Fedecamaras, the federation of chambers of commerce.

    The strike was called by the boss's union against a package of 49
economic laws, chief among them an agrarian reform law that provides for the
state to intervene and tranfer to small farmers idle lands in the hands of
big landowners, and another one that raises the royalties Venezuela receives
from exported oil.

    The strike has revealed a very sharp class polarization in Venezuelan
society, and shown that the Bolivarian revolution is entering into a new
stage. The process is becoming much more clearly one that points in the
direction of a *social*  revolution, not only a national democratic
movement, i.e., the class content of the Venezuelan national movement is
coming to the fore and this is changing the character of the process.

    At a rally of the revolution's supporter's yesterday, President Chávez
declared war on the oligarchs and pledged to begin implementing the new
agrarian reform measure with utmost vigor immediately.

    The CubaNews email list at yahoo groups has been following the situation
in Venezuela closely. Rather than duplicate with posts here the articles
being sent to that list, I urge people interested in the development of an
actual social revolution to follow that list. It is primarily reprints of
press articles about Cuba --and now Venezuela-- and subscribers can choose
whether to receive individual emails, digests, or view the list (and
contribute) via a web interface.

    This is the home page of the group.


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