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Tue Dec 11 10:54:29 MST 2001

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If this is so, if there is no longer any danger of inter-imperialist
war, why is the U.S. so determined to maintain armies of occupation (not
called that of course) in what would be its two most likely enemies in
such a war, the EU & Japan?


CB: These occupations are more to prevent socialist revolutions in EU and Japan now.


Lenin originally conducted the research for _Imperialism_ in order to
explain the outbreak of the Great War? Greg, if I understand him
correctly, does not believe another such war is possible, and hence
Lenin's original hypothesis is no longer politically relevant.


CB: The Bush doctrine is leading up to a "Great" War on several colonial countres, not other imperialist countries. Since the Korean war, the imperialist wars have been on neo-colonies , not between imperialist powers.

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