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Tue Dec 11 11:43:32 MST 2001

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

> This reminds me. Last night I turned on a show
> called "The Practice" that
> I've never watched before. A listing in the NY Times
> said the show would be
> dealing with a lawyer's difficulty defending an
> Arab. Even though it did
> not mention 9/11, it was clearly based on the
> lock-up of over 1000 Arabs
> and other Islamic people. At first you got the
> impression that the show
> would be moving in courageous directions. All the
> government officials who
> were preventing the lawyer from even seeing her
> client were using all the
> verbiage about "national security." They were not
> likeable at all. By
> contrast, the lawyer was a plucky young
> African-American female who sought
> only to do the right thing. But when she finally
> meets her client, along
> with his wife, the first words out of his mouth in a
> phoney Arab accent are
> something like "It was my duty". In other words, he
> was guilty all along.

I think you must have changed channels too soon.  I
was grading papers while it was on, but I believe the
message was that he was not guilty of anything (except
perhaps by association), but was voluntarily giving up
his rights and accepting detention to prove he was a
good American.
Michael D.

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