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I would like to go on record as agreeing totally with Walter Horn. I think
his solution meets the needs of all concerned and we could then keep the
master list. Otherwise eliminate the master list. I for one am sick and
tired of the email messages containing various peoples views on world,
national, state and local events/people/issues. It might come as a shock to
some, but I am very well read and I want to choose the sources of my
information and when I come to work I want to work. I have precious little
time to fool around with email especially when it has nothing to do with my

Gail Liberman

This is amazing and totally disingenuous and dishonest. We have all these
people taking time away from their work to whine about how unwanted messages
across the master list interfere with their work, continually taking far
more time from their momentus tasks to whine than the time it takes to set
up a filter or hit the delete key. I also get all sorts of stuff across the
master list I don't want to read; I just hit the delete key as I do with all
sorts of messages not sent through the master list; so what? Look at this
person above here, taking the list to give HER views about how SHE doesn't
want the list to give the views of others shoe does not like. SHE can
choose: the delete key or set up a filter. If she wants to work, then work
and ignore what you want to ignore. This person is simply either
disingenuous or lacking in any preparation in elementary logic.

All of this is a smokescreen. The ultra-right do not just not want to see
stuff that intereferes with or challenges their smug little views of the
world and various issues. They do not want others to be exposed to ideas,
concepts, evidence that perhaps show how bigoted and ignorant they are and
how bigoted and ignorant their own views are; they want censorship of ideas
that they lack the education, preparation, knowledge, skill, fortitude and
intellect to challenge. This is evident from their track record on various

Did all of this whining start when John Lundy sent some of his pics and
jokes to the list? Of course not. John's jokes and pics were humorous, and I
appreciated them, but they did not challenge anyone's world view or
challenge and expose the patent ignorance and lack of reasoning and evidence
found on both the left and right but certainly on the right-wing.

So all of this whining and pretense about concern for the integrity and
"proper" use of the master list is simply patently and demonstrably
dishonest. It is attempted censorship pure and simple. Imagine, all of a
sudden, unwanted messages (but only on certain subjects frojm certain
sources) are causing all these poor souls not to be able to work? And just
how long does it take to hit the delete key or set up a filter?

These creatures are simply liars trying to censor, under various banners and
"principles", that which they fear and are too dumb, ill-informed,
uneducated and unwilling to challenge in the open the counter-evidence,
counter-reasoning and counter-views. If this were Germany 1933, they would
be wearing brown or black shirts and jackboots.

Jim Craven

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