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When I was in the U.S. Army I held a security clearance that involved
extensive background checks. In addition to giving my places of residence
since birth and my associations, I did have to answer the question about
drug usage and couldn't refuse to answer as Bush did, and, I had to disclose
all organizations with which I had been affiliated. I had to give the name
of the organization, purpose, leadership, my role in the organization,
principles of the organization, activities of the organization, members with
whom I associated etc. In the case of secret societies, of which I have
never been a member, they wanted to know from others who had been members of
secret societies about rituals, recruitment, membership, why the society was
secret, was secrets were being kept secret, penalties for revealing secrets
etc. The reasons for these questions should be obvious.

I therefore found it quite interesting that to date, not one journalist has
ever asked Bush about the ultra-secret Skull and Bones Society at Yale of
which he and three other Bushes are members. Is this not a relevant question
for someone seeking to become "commander in chief" and possibly subject to
blackmail? All of those below the level of Bush in government would be asked
about drug use and about membership in secret societies, why wasn't Bush
continually asked pushed to answer about drug use and membership in secret

And we got the full scoop on Clinton's draft dodging, why not the full scoop
on Bush's draft dodging via privileged fast-track into the Texas Air
National Guard (with a barely passing score on the airman aptitude test and
a national waiting list of over 100,000, Bush gets in the same day he
applies, is assigned to pilot training with no pilot slots open, is given a
direct commission to second lieutenant bypassing OCS and active-duty service
requirements, after flight training is transferred to the Alabama National
Guard with no aircraft to work on the Senate campaign of Winston Bount his
father's buddy, is allowed to remove himself from flight status rather than
take a medical exam involving drug testing in September of 1972, is missing
from Guard activities for some 13 months, and is relieved from Guard
obligations in October of 1973 some 7 months prior to scheduled end of his
Guard obligations in May of 1974)?  And Bush's draft dodging occurred while
he was a member of an organization at Yale promoting the Vietnam War and
urging the widening of it.

Bush has never had to deal with these questions for a very simple reason:
The Right-wingers carefully pick the venues, topics, media, questions and
questioners with which they are prepared to deal. When they cannot control
the questions, questioners, venues, media and topics, they either run and
hide, or, attempt to attack, slander and  bully those who dare to pose the
questions and provide the information they fear and cannot/will not answer.
This is typical whether outside or inside of places like Clark College. Of
course all of this is done under the banner of "higher principles."

Let some journalist ask Bush about the following from "And the Truth Shall
Set you Free" by David Icke:

"His father Prescott Bush is most famous within the Order [Skull and Bones]
for raiding the grave of the Native American Apache leader, Geronimo. In May
1918, Bush and five other Skull and Bones members ransacked the grave at
Fort Sill, Oklahoma. They took turns to stand guard while the others robbed
the grave, and took away artifacts and Geronimo's skull. This was taken to
Skull and bones headquarters at Yale where it is used in their sick rituals
and ceremonies. This horrible story is told in an internal history of the
Skull and Bones Society. It was quoted to Ned Anderson, the Tribal Chairman
of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, when he was negotiating to have Geronimo's
remains returned to the tribe's custody. A 1989 article in the New Yorker
said that 'one Bonesman...recalled during the early 70s seeing perhaps 30
skulls, not all of them human, scattered about the Tomb.'

This is the mentality which goes on to enjoy positions of power within the
American administration--in George Bus's case, the presidency...Fifteen
students a year are hand picked to join the Skull and bones. They are
selected in their junior year before they go off into the outside world.
They can then continue to secretly promote the aims of Skull and Bones
in the worlds of politics, business, banking, the media, education, and all
the other spheres of influence.

Fear and the threat of blackmail are weapons the society uses to keep its
members in line. Part of the initiation ceremony is to lie naked in a coffin
with a ribbon tied to their private parts while they masturbate and shout
out details of their sexual experiences. I must say I have never seen George
Bush [Sr] in the same light since I realized that. Apparently these sexual
discussion continue  throughout the lives of Bonesmen, although only at the
initiation is it done from a coffin. When a student is initiated, he is
given a Skull and Bones name. He becomes a 'knight' in the tradition of
other secret societies like the Knights of Malta. The older knights in the S
and B are called Patriarchs, and those of us on the outside--the masses--are
called Gentiles, barbarians, and vandals." (pp. 216-217)

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the fire into which it has fallen; but urge me not to use
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