What's in the latest Green Left weekly? #475, December 12, 2001

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             Green Left Weekly,
       Australia's socialist newspaper
                 Issue #475
             December 12, 2001
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: BUSH'S `WAR AGAINST TERRORISM'

Following its quick destruction of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan,
the Bush administration preparing to launch military assaults on other
Third World countries and is deepening its assault on democratic rights
at home. Green Left Weekly outlines the next steps in Bush's defence of
the US corporate elite's global empire.


 * UNITED STATES: `We have Iraq on the radar screen'
 * UNITED STATES: Now, on to Iraq!
 * UNITED STATES: Laws aimed at terrorists like you


 * SPECIAL FEATURE: Revolution and counter-revolution in Afghanistan


 * PALESTINE: Israel declares war on Arafat
 * PALESTINE: Bush gives green light to Israeli attacks
 * ISRAEL/PALESTINE: Peace bloc wins `alternative' Nobel prize
 * ISRAEL: A terrorist success story
 * PALESTINE: Hamas and the politics of despair
 * SOUTH AFRICA: AIDS activists take ANC government to court
 * PHILIPPINES: Thousands protest war, globalisation
 * PHILIPPINES: Globalisation worse for women
 * PHILIPPINES: `End imperialist globalisation'
 * UNITED STATES: Rio Tinto tries to choke Bougainville suit
 * INDONESIA: Streets deserted on Free Aceh anniversary
 * ARGENTINA: Blocked loan may deepen crisis
 * AUSTRALIA: Howard plans new powers for secret police
 * JAPAN: `Self Defence Forces' attack


 * John Pilger: Refugee movement `needs campaigning focus'
 * Sack the homophobes?
 * Craig Johnston: `Continue the fight for a just society'
 * Angela Davis: Bush's war boosts prison industry
 * Inside Woomera, asylum seekers treated like animals
 * Government `censoring the truth about the war'
 * Fighting Australia's exploitative relationship with Asia


 * Abortion services threatened
 * Support grows for royal commission into refugee treatment
 * Meeting calls for refugee royal commission
 * Labor for Refugees launched
 * Government slammed over press access to asylum seekers
 * Protests expected at CHOGM
 * Human Rights Day protests: No war! No racism!
 * Opposition to GLW mall ban grows
 * Parramatta police state?
 * Honeymoon uranium mine leak


 * Tolkien's `feudal socialism'
 * Bougainville: Small nation, big message
 * Billy Connolly versus God


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