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 Charles Brown added something
worthwhile in a later post to this, saying that the fight against Socialism
brought about this development as this gave rise to a unifying factor in the
dialectic (one which had such power that it could overcome the
fractionalisation inherent within Private Capital). However, I don't think
Lenin felt that the worldwide revolution would take that long so that this
would become a serious factor. As such, even if he recognised this potential
factor, he wouldn't see it (super-imperialism) as a realisable possibility.


CB: I agree with Comrade Domhnall direction here. We must read Lenin in _Imperialism_ and otherwise as having a unity of theory and practice which is not found in bourgeois scholastic texts. Marxism is not a dogma, but a guide to action , and all that.  Lenin writes _Imperialism_ in part to inspire the working classes to make the world revolution. Not only that, given that the Russian Revolution had not occurred yet, and there had been no actual Marxist revolutions, he had to adopt a tone of some confidence that there would be revolutions, a tone that to counter the hopelessness that must have prevailed in the middle of the worst war of all times (at that time). What I am trying to say is that he assumes for the sake of his argument that , well, they were on the eve of the socialist revolution, but not just in Russia. I must add EVEN IF HE KNEW IN HIS MIND THAT IT WAS NOT CERTAIN.  So, even though he knew successful world revolution was not a done deal, he had to write as if a!
nd for the possibility that it would occur, and not feed into the despair that must have been widespread, because despair would lessen the possibility of it actually occurring.

What I am trying to get at, and taking a long time to say , is that Lenin' s argument had to be framed around the possibility of world revolution in order to inspire revolutionary struggle and action at that time, so he was not formulating a long range , scholastic theory predicting how imperialism would develop if it lasted 85 years later, including in response to a Soviet Union and other socialist and nationally liberated countries. He had to write for defeating it forthwith.

We can use some of his fundamentals, but they must be a jumping off point for our own development of the theory, with our input as extensive or more so than Lenin's based on our advantage of historical hindsight. This is what Lenin did in relation to Marx's theoretical discussions of these issues.

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