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At 12/12/2001 18:31, Stan wrote:

>  We ahve lost half a million jobs in textiles and tobacco in my state,
> since NAFTA.  The stongest sector in US manufacturing growth has been
> technology.  It is heavily subsidized by the Depatment of Defense and by
> the shadow DoD, the Department of Energy.  There is one defense contract
> alone that puts half a billion a year into the area around where I live,
> the Research Triangle Park.  Our textiles went south.  Our tobacco went
> south.  Our dot-coms went bust, with the singular exception of those
> dealing with the Defense Troika.

that's all true, but the US's main competitors (Japan, EU) have done
relatively worse. And the low value added industries you mention are still
(as it is said) exploiting American workers: but the ones who happen to
live in Mexico, Indonesia, China etc.


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