Discussion on Master List Usage

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Wed Dec 12 21:12:03 MST 2001

>>I am concerned not with Clark's policy, but with usage of  State
email that is considered illegal. Could not the school or individuals
be breaking Washington State Law by using State owned email for
political messages?  Unless the laws have been changed, expressing
political views on campus has been illegal since before email.<<

I wonder just what part of the First Amendment is giving this person such
difficulty. If it is a student, it is once again testimony to the functional
illiteracy that is the standard product of an American education, but from
the truly encyclopedic ignorance displayed, I'm willing to bet this has GOT
to be a faculty member. Even college graduates can usually figure out what
"no law" means; losing that ability usually requires a doctorate.


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