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<<From what you are saying there has been a relative decline, but most of disbursment has gone from the presumably higher paid north to the poorer paid south. My ignorant assessement was some of this movement was across the border and others parts much further afield, was this an illusion or is it part of the picture.>>

The move of manufacuring into the "Sunbelt" was before NAFTA, and it was motivated not just by lower pay but by the predominance of so-called "Right-to-Work" anti-union laws, the ease with which racial polarization could be employed to break up organizing drives, and the Southern interstate competition by state plutocrats to "attract" industry with massive tax holidays and publicly funded infrastructure.

Now that the borders are open to capital, many of the platforms have shifted offshore, and greatly increased the relative weight of the service sector.  Again, some of this has been offset throughout the region by "military keynesianism", but the trend is for American companies to abruptly say hasta luego and leave former manufacturing communities in shambles, and to go begging.  On the other hand, here in NC (I hope no one thinks I am engaging in southern exceptionalism), we have had a build-up in outsourced light (components) manufacture, especially along the Interstate 95 corridor, with much of that investment being German and Japanese, expecially the former, who can take advantage of super-exploited black labor (and now evermore industry-imported Latino labor) and escape the threat of unions.  The other industry that likes it here, and that can not move offshore yet, is meatpacking, which has also concentrated in the "blackbelt" east, an industry that builds without window!
s, because it is as nightmarish as any maquiladora. (I won't even digress here into the environmental impact of uncoutable chickens and turkeys, and between 12-14 million swine drinking in (Nebraska-corn) nitrogen by the megaton and shitting it out into the 100-year flood plain ecosystem.)


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