"The Skeptical Environmentalist" under scrutiny

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Dec 13 06:39:09 MST 2001

> This study is, nevertheless, striking evidence in support of the
> materialist dialectical method, but it very much calls into question
> the political approach of those who advocate that the working class
> should support bourgeois schemes to "prevent" climate change on the
> basis of "science" whose conclusions have been shaped by bourgeois
> ideological and methodological prejudices.


you are truly clueless on this topic. i can't decide if its worth
debating with you or not. you repeat over and over from post to post
the "This shows that the climate system is non-linear, chaotic in the
mathematical sense" mantra with no comprehension of what it means, let
alone that its part of the same "bourgeois ideological and
methodological prejudices.".

> It is in a sense analagous to quantum mechanics, where electrons
> don't move gradually from one energy level to another, but rather
> jump from one to the other in a chaotic, probabilistic way.

get a life. stick to politics and computer technology.

sorry, no time to write this morning, but can't stomach this shit
anymore. anyway, read the Nature book review i posted a URL for

les schaffer

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