"The Skeptical Environmentalist" under scrutiny

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at walrus.com
Thu Dec 13 07:10:02 MST 2001

Louis  asked, in response to Jose Perez,

> Why not? Most of these proposals focus on susbstituting mass transit for
> automobiles, preservation of the rain-forest, exploration of alternative
> energy sources, etc. We would be doing the same thing under socialism,
> wouldn't we?

I have a feeling this is a rhetorical question rather than one on which Louis
expects any concession from Jose. When Louis first raised the subject of
skepticism regarding claims of environmental degradation, it was Jose's
contemptuous dismissal of any such notions that sprang to mind.

Is the challenge created by environmental impacts simply one of ensuring (through
proletarian revolution, I assume) that "society has sufficient development and
resources to adapt to the changed circumstances," as Jose suggests. or is there
not some absolute level of envrionmental harm that ought to be avoided under any
set of human social relations?

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