Greg Schofield g_schofield at dingoblue.net.au
Thu Dec 13 07:58:04 MST 2001

Thanks Stan to a large degree this confirms my original impression, and with Travis' account I think it woud be fair to say that with some vital exceptions a good deal of what was previously US production has shifted outside its borders (and by like logic also a significant amount has shifted within its borders).

Australia has followed the same model to perhaps a greater degree, I suspect the same thing has happened in Europe to some degree.

This sought of resortment makes sense once there is a single world division, capital seeking cheaper production on a world scale (obviously starting with the nearest possiblities), no longer necessitating the concentration of productive capacity to be at the ready, so to speak, of the Imperial homeland.

Again the logic of such a moement only makes sense if the places this productive ability moves to already have in place a proletariate and the other capital-labour relations necessary. In this way colonialism and neo-colonialism prepared the way.

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia
g_schofield at dingoblue.net.au

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