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Lou Proyect: said:

The media is completely obsessed with anthrax. If you turn on the
television, you will encounter either a discussion of the anthrax
threat or taped footage of some benefit concert for the victims of
9/11. Last night during commercial breaks for the World Series, I
kept switching to one of these concerts out of morbid curiosity. (I
am rooting against the Yankees, despite being a New Yorker, because
this team is Giuliani's favorite and has come to symbolize the
ideological consensus around the war. Every time a Yankee hits a home
run, it takes on the political character of a bombing run over Kabul.)


CB: The Yankees got bit in the diamondback snake pit in Arizona.

Will the Yankees get bit in the snake pit in Afghanistan. ?

Later: Well, no, the Yankees don't seem to have gotten bit much there.

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