New Qualitative Phase of Imperialism

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Thu Dec 13 08:12:10 MST 2001

Charles contribution here is very important. And as it does not lend wieght either way to the debate so far it is worth conidering on its own merits.

"1) The scientific and technological revolution especially in transportation and communication "machinery" has resulted in Marx's "cooperation" turning into its opposite, being overcome by machinery. The capitalist do not have to group large numbers of workers in large factories to maximize the extraction of relative surplus value( See Marx's discussion of relative surplus value and the factory system in _Capital_ I). This technological development allowed the capitalists to geographically and territorially scatter the points of production., undermining the classic Leninist factory scenario , the workers' direct sensing of their strength in numbers , working class ghettos"

It is almost an extension of Victor's Suburban sprawl problem (a product of a previous revolution in transport - the affordable car), the tendency to disburse rather than concentrate.

"2) The military interimperialist rivalry, world wars between imperialists of Lenin's day has been turned into its opposite , a relative military unity and alliance due to the imperialist response to the Soviet Union, and other socialist and nationally liberated countries, i.e. the imperialist hot and cold wars against them. AND the collapse of the Soviet center of that system."

A fair summation of the international military situation as far as I am concerned and one that abounds in contradictions.

"3) The Mark Jones thesis of crisis in production of the strategic resource, oil."

I must do some reading on this and cannot pass comment.

I believe points one and two made by Charles are firm propositions I would really like to hear whether anyone really disputes them. If we could find just a few such agreed points of current tendencies then we may build a clear picture which could sidestep some of the more abstract debate.

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia
g_schofield at

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