Empire on Lenin

Greg Schofield g_schofield at dingoblue.net.au
Thu Dec 13 08:28:47 MST 2001

Sorry Charles I am only just catching up with the various replies.

The points you raise are substantial and I find myself in agreement that they reflect current trends.

On this one political point:

"The UN is a proto-organ of world government of the communist system, corresponding to the increased socialization or division of labor which is termed "global". This is caused by the revolution in science and technology, especially in communication and transportation which allows qualitatively closer global interconnectedness of production. "

I believe this is something we should take very seriously especially in view of current affairs.

The fact that you have linked the UN as  proto-organ (nice phrase) of world governement with the increased socialisation of "global" labour is correct, which puts the current US policy out of kilter with this general tendency (which is what I believe it is). And of course the whole thing can only rest on a change in the techincal level of production.

I consider the present set of contradictions where the US is disrupting the these tendencies to develop within capitalism to be of the utmost importance politically. The global socialisation of labour (haltering as it may be) the corresponding emergance of a proto-organ of world government and the base of technical innovation which helped bring it to pass, all feed into one another.

The present rogue behaviour of the US does not limit itself to just pushing away the proto-organ (weakening it), but also must enfeeble the further socialisation of labour (no-doubt through repression) can only have a stifling effect on the level of technical progress (perhaps witnessed by the attempts to cripple internet communications).

The reverse force would be one that furthers technical ability (especially in communications) and socialisation of labour and its divisions through organisation, must confront the rogue state eventually and push forward in the development of the proto-organ of world government. Here at least begins to emerge a workable political platform.

Charles may well not have had this in mind but his formulations appeared very suggestive to me at least.

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia
g_schofield at dingoblue.net.au

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