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A minor point about one of Mark Jones' recent posts( Subject: Re: Forwarded
from John Gulick From: Mark Jones <mark.jones at> Date: Wed, 12
Dec 2001 14:59:58 +0000 ) which I generally agree with.

In that post, Mark correctly wrote about continuing interimperiliast
rivalries dominating and escalating contrary to neo-Kaustkian notions of a
super imperialism, with some sort of global bourgeois state.

In passing Mark wrote, "North-South divisions are less easy to parse than
first inspection of the ginis might suggest. Latin America has been
absorbed within the geopolitical orbit of US imperialism."

Latin America is still pulled by the graviational fields of European
imperialism, as well as US imperialism. In fact there continue to be two
zones - the Brazilian/southern Cone zone, and the rest of Latin America.
The former zone is dominated by European investments, the latter by US
investments. But US and European capital compete in both zones. For
example, BP is the biggest player in Colombian oil, Total/Fina/ELF is also
a player here. The latter is a big player in Venezuela.

Domestic bourgeois politics in Latin America has an important element of
trying to play off Europe against the US - this can be seen on almost every
level from oil field concessions, to the "Plan Colombia" (now being
reneamed again, but still called Plan colombia around here.) In banking the
main imperialist presence here are the spanish banks competing with Citibank.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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