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Regarding the discussion over imperialist strategy and Russia.

While I generally agree with Lou's positions, and disagree with Jared's, I
think that US imperialism's long term strategy in regard to Russia is to
eliminate its military power, and to increase its economic penetration of
the former Soviet Union to the point where US imperialism becomes dominant
- not only against the emerging Russian capitlaist class, but more
importantly against Europe, China and Japan. How it tries to achieve these
ends are tactical issues for US imperialism - one day they might favor
Russia's admittance to NATO, the next day they might be in favor of
expelling Russia.

US imperialism's global strategy however, is no longer Russia centered, as
it was during the cold war. In fact, it lacks a 'center', hence some of the
confusion coming from those quarters.

On a related topic, Nestor wrote ( Subject: Re: On Making "Geo-Strategic"
Mean "Peripheral" and on the "Conspiracy Exemption" From: "Gorojovsky"
<Gorojovsky at Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 22:45:58 -0300),

"Maybe what has been debated here was NOT whether the American
Establishment was wicked enough to unleash a Sept. 11 on its own people, or
not. Maybe the debate turned around a very different, but completely
related, question: "are the Russian masses completely defeated, and has the
Russian state ceased to represent a menace to imperialism?". From the
answer one gives to this question stems the likelihood that one accepts
that the imperialist circles find some interest in encircling the fSU or not."

I don't think this is the issue. Czarist Russia was both a military rival,
and an economic prize, for European, US and Japanese imperialism before the
revolution, i.e. before the masses were victorious. Whether or not the
masses have been 'completely defeated' or not, Russian military power, the
cheap labor of the masses of people of the former soviet Union, and the
natural resources of the fSU continue to present to imperialism that same
pre-revolutionary combination.

In my opinion, however, the masses of Eastern Europe, the fSU, and the
world did suffer a historic defeat with the collapse of the Soviet Union.
However, the masses can never be 'completely defeated' as long as society
itself is not completely destroyed.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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