On Russia

Donal donaloc at peterquinn.com
Thu Dec 13 09:13:03 MST 2001


I have been following the conversation on Russia with interest.  Your points
on Russian Nationalism are well taken, but with all due respect, I think
Nestor is taking a roughly similar attitude to the SWP (US) on the fact that
it's impossible for the West to re-establish Capitalist property relations
without a very significant victory over the Russian workers and peasants and
given the strength of Russia in pure military (nuclear) terms the importance
that Russia retains to western military planners.

Now, I think that we would all agree that the Russian population has
suffered serious defeats, the question is have they been pushed so far back
that they now stand behind, say US citizens in their class-consciousness.
The argument posted by Mark Jones as to the failure of the adoption of the
western model actually supports this analysis - if we view this failure as
indicative of the internal dialectics. A similar argument could be raised in
regard to the stand-offs current in the former Yugoslavia where the
population still appear to have a belief in their ownership of the means of
production (how quaint!).

Any arguments which support Russian aggression against Chechnya are, in my
view, beyond the pale since the interests of the Russian working-class and
those of the nationalities are coincident. I trust that Nestor does not hold
to this sort of position as I do not believe that blind support of Russia
(or China) is at all credible. Your criticism of so many of the left who
retain sympathy towards Russia without a glance at the class issues is
spot-on - it is something which discredits us as a whole. So what's your
opinion on the state-of-play in the fSU in regard to the arguments I raise
in paragraph 2 above?


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