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Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Thu Dec 13 09:35:47 MST 2001

The anonymous, poisonous thing of a couple of days ago certainly strikes
me -- as it does others -- as racist and ethnocentric in its innuendo.  I
trust that DSA organizationally is taking a good, hard look at it.  I much
appreciate Duane Campbell's [DSA Anti-Racism] concern and comments.

In my opinion, it's an obviously gross distortion of several of my ASDnet
posts, especially since the  issue of the Bush "War" developed on  ASDnet
[ a "war" against which I immediately voiced my opposition.]   Although I'm
on other discussion lists, ASDnet and our generally congenial RedBadBear are
the only ones on which I've been a fairly consistent discussant in recent
months. ASDnet is the only list  that I'm on which has a significant pro-War
dimension --  a cluster whose rationalizations have become increasingly
transparent: e.g., trying to disparage the moral significance of 3,500 or
more civilians killed in Afghanistan by US bombing.  No other list I'm on
comes even remotely close to this one in regard to support for the "War."

My  studied guess is that this vile piece of "work" was put together by a
minimum of two people -- with something of an academic bent:  at least one
younger person who has developed over his relatively few years in a
graceless, amoral fashion -- and an older person in whom his increasingly
bitter juices play a predominate motivational role.  I would not rule out
the possibility of  a "cointelpro agenda" in the case of the latter.

There is no possibility, with respect to motivation and ethics, that the
good issodhos could ever be involved in something even remotely like this --
anymore than the good George Greene himself would ever be. Each is a friend
but, character-wise, it would be inconceivable.  In fact, I can think of
only a very, very few in the great, huge pool of people I know -- friends
and foes -- who would ever, under any circumstances, do anything even
remotely like this to anyone.

The people who did this have no more character than, say, "a snake has

Again, I appreciate very much the many words of support that have come to me
from several settings  in this  matter. Many have been off-list.

David McReynolds of SPUSA really said it very well:

"Hunter, I thought the post which mocked you was well written and
devastating in that it took all of the openness with which you have
approached us and
 made a mockery of it. It took your humanity and turned it on its head. And
 that hurts - it would hurt me greatly."

And my good friend, Louis Proyect, joined ASDnet quickly and specially to
to my defense.

I note the "other" comments which followed, relatively quickly, on the heels
of the vicious post:  "funny as hell" [James Chapin]; "a few good laughs
today" [Leo Casey]; "hilarious" [Michael Pugliese.]

The Cosmos contains an infinite number of matters far more serious than
this. But, while this vile little episode is certainly not representative of
DSA organizationally, it clearly stands as a sick reflection upon it.

Unless something further develops, this is my final comment on the matter.

Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]

Hunter Gray [Hunterbear] (social justice)

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