New Qualitative Phase of Imperialism

Jim Drysdale jimd48 at
Thu Dec 13 10:00:45 MST 2001

>From Jim Drysdale,

Greg writes...

snip> . If we could find just a few such agreed points of current tendencies
then we may build a clear picture which could sidestep some of the more
abstract debate.

JD:   Most certainly Marx underpinned theory with empirical evidence.
However, the decline of capital has moved on.  Day by day bosses are
revealed to have pockled, for example, profit figures.   (i.e. creative,
bourgeois, accounting)  Thus, any attempt to grasp the movement of decline
through appeal to extant empirical evidence must, IMO, be speculative.

For Marx, the movement of the categories revealed the essence of change.

IMO, we run the risk of remaining *appearance only* (bourgeois) analysts
should we belatedly use trends, revealing tendencies, as a substitute for
the application of Marx's ontology.   That is, analysis of a whole identity
in movement.



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