New Qualitative Phase of Imperialism

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Thu Dec 13 10:19:33 MST 2001

<<The car makes possible suburban sprawl and relative isolation. And the sprawl itself is directly the residential component of a scattering of the workplaces out of urban concentrations.>>

This aspect of US culture, its physical, and by extension more broadly social, atomization, and the dialectical manner in which reflection and reproduction of this atomization, material and social, deepens that individuation, is the the most formidable and unacknowledged obstacle to real organizing that I have encountered.  And what shared spaces remain are compartmented as single family households (often desperately dysfunctional themselves, and atomized internally) or are designed by capital for consumption.  The degree to which this social isolation operates in the US, I have found in my other travels, is astonishing when compared to any other society I know.  This accounts for much of our sheeplike acquiescence to things like The War Against Terrorism.  The exceptions to this within the US are communities of oppressed nationalities.  I generalize greatly here, but I often wonder in how many ways we employ organizing models bequeathed us by another era, and how often we mis!
takenly identify other phenomena as the fountain of our frustration, when the material foundation of it is right in front of our eyes.

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