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Thu Dec 13 11:50:49 MST 2001

>I don't know if I fully agree with your last statement, although that would
>need some study. I believe that Russia retains a large state-sector to this
>day (albeit of very low productivity). It retains a nuclear capacity to blow
>the world up (how many times?). Certainly, the gains have taken a battering
>but we haven't seen the full-scale reversal so many had forecast in the
>early 90s.

You know, Mark was right. You really need to be engaged with the data or
else you end up with vaporous formulations that do us no good. If you do a
google search on "privatization" and "Russia", you get directed to a
website called PrivatizationLinkRussia

>From the home page, you can select "Privatization 2002! List of Companies
of Oil and Gas, Chemical and Transportation Sectors Slated for
Privatization in 2002." It also has news items:

Duma Passes Bill On Privatization Of State Property

RBC, 30.11.2001, Moscow 16:31:26.The State Duma passed the bill 'On
Privatization of State and Municipal Property' on the third reading today.
According to the new bill, the government was obliged to elaborate on a
list of state and municipal companies to be privatized and present it to
the President for his approval. This list will include strategic
enterprises, such as federal unitary enterprises or joint stock ventures
with state shares that are strategically important for Russia. Companies
from the list, whose privatization will be approved by the president, will
be included in the privatization program. Gazprom and RAO UES (Unified
Systems of Russia) of Russia have already been listed in the approved bill.
259 deputies voted for the bill and 92 were against it with no abstentions.

It is absolutely futile to think of Russia in terms of a "worker state"
right now. The mountain of evidence points in the direction of a
counter-revolution that is in the mopping up stages right now.

Louis Proyect
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