"The Skeptical Environmentalist" under scrutiny

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On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Stuart Lawrence wrote:

> Is the challenge created by environmental impacts simply one of ensuring (through
> proletarian revolution, I assume) that "society has sufficient development and
> resources to adapt to the changed circumstances," as Jose suggests. or is there
> not some absolute level of envrionmental harm that ought to be avoided under any
> set of human social relations?

As I see it, there are two sets of problems here:

1. Pollution/environmental degradation as a by-product of the
rationalization of production - cleanup/revention is a cost of business
that the bourgeoisie does not want to shoulder; so, they burden the rest
of us with it and we pay for it with our health and through other social

2. The "business as usual" attitude of the bourgeoisie, inherited from a
time when humanity was too few in numbers and too technologically
undeveloped to cause much significant damage. They seem very reluctant to
face the prospect of global destruction. Who knows? Maybe they're already
dreaming of terra-forming mars. I'm no expert; but, when I see a majority
of environmental scientists taking seriously the threat of global warming,
I think we should at least take notice.

But, I don't think we need to get religious about it. My dogs know better
than to foul their own nest; and they don't get religious about it.
Likewise, the fishermen on the West Coast watching the fish stocks decline
know that their livelihood is at stake. Prince Rupert used to be the
halibut capital of the world; but, now the cold storage facility stands
rotting on its feet from disuse in over four decades. This is a waste of
plant and equipment. They also know that clear cut logging practices are
partly to blame for decline in salmon stocks, as resulting mud slides have
wiped out spawning beds. Once the beds are gone, the salmon just don't
come back.

Joan Cameron

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