IRSP: Solidarity With Palestine

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Irish Republican Socialist Party
13 December 2001

Solidarity With Palestine

The International Department of the Irish Republican Socialist Party
has branded intensified Israeli aggression against the Palestinians a
"theocratic attempt at genocide, masquerading as a 'war on terrorism'.

In a statement released today, the IRSP spokesperson said:

"There can be no mistake that the 'war on terrorism' proclaimed by
imperialist overlord George W. Bush has provided a green light to the
Zionist reactionaries to renew their attempt to crush the Palestinian
people once again. The last months have witnessed a huge increase in
Zionist attacks on Palestinian people and it is clear that Israel is
hoping to see their treaty with the Palestinians repudiated, the
Palestinian National Authority destroyed, and the Palestinian people

"What we are seeing is the result of attempting to negotiate with a
nation whose history belies its words on a treaty. Just as the United
States now intends to repudiate its nuclear treaty with Russia,
having attained a dominant position of strength, so too the Zionists'
word has been shown to be without value once they feel they have the
upper hand.

"U.S. President Bush has repeated over and over again that the people
of America, and the world as a whole, should not expect his
imperialist campaign against all who oppose western imperialism to
end quickly in Afghanistan and events in Palestine are providing a
clear perspective of what this means for national liberation
movements around the globe. Sharon, who showed his fascist worldview
through his actions in Shabra and Shatila refugee camps years ago, is
taking advantage of the U.S. government's tacit consent to advance
his plans for a theocratic attempt at genocide, masquerading as
a 'war on terrorism.'

"The working class people of the world are not blind, however, and
despite Israel's attempt to portray their actions as 'defensive', it
is plain to see by the ever growing disparity in the death counts
between Israelis and Palestinians that the Zionists initiated this
offensive and are seeking nothing less than the complete roll back of
the advances made by the Palestinians and the negation of their
aspirations for national liberation."

The statement concluded by saying:

"We in the Irish Republican Socialist Party join with all those
around the world who seek liberation and social justice in condemning
the ongoing assault by the Zionist killing machine. While we defend
Arafat and Fatah against the attacks by Israel, we believe that it is
past time to reject the accomodationist posturing that created the
present conditions that are permitting Israel to continue its attacks
on Palestinians. We are encouraged by signs of growing support for
genuine revolutionaries such as the PFLP among the Palestinians and
hope that the Palestinians will continue their heroic resistance
behind the banner of such clear-sighted leadership. We call upon the
American people to demand their government end its support for the
terrorist government of Israel and military campaigns against
communities around the globe who refuse to be exploited by
imperialism and we call upon the Irish government to immediately
severe all diplomatic ties to the Zionist regime bent on the genocide
of the Palestinian people."


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